Upgrading W75+ 5000m

– Photo courtesy of Doug Shaggy Smith

Here is where we really begin to encounter difficulty with enough performances to ensure high quality output for older (75+) age-groups. The 5000m.

As I have pointed out, the number of Masters performances decline as the age-groups get older (beyond M/W55 or M/W60), the events get longer (or more technical). And Women participate less than Men.

But we have made progress with the older age-groups in the Women’s 5000m. We have way more than doubled the number of performances used for W75 and W80, and we now have a usable bell curve for W85. Sadly, there still is not enough data for W90 and W95.

What Has Been Added?

Like the other events so far (100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m) I have added to the performances already included for 2013-2016 from mastersrankings.com. :

1. Martin Gasselsberger’s pre 2013 World rankings (2008-2012)

2. British Masters rankings from 2008-2012 (from the powerof10.info)

3. mastersrankingscom World performances from 2017, 2018, and those from 2019 available at time of processing

4. US rankings for 2008-2012 from mastersrankings.com

In addition, for the Women’s 5000m 75+ I have added Dave Clingan’s world rankings (not on other lists 1999-2002) and for 75+ ARRS Veterans Rankings (not included in other lists).

These additional performances have improved the data quality in the older age-groups for the 5000m. W75 and W80 are solid. But beyond W80, unfortunately the number of performances just does not allow for reliable calculations.

Any Changes?

All these performance additions have made some modest changes in the percentiles for W75 performances. Most percentiles have dropped slightly from the initial release. W80 and W85 have only minor changes.

Overall,  I think this is a much better reflection on reality. Definitely progress.

Give it a try to see how your performance in the 5000m on the track rates against everyone else in the world. It’s fun to have a look.  Click below:

Track DE

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