Things Are Fixed … Well Mostly*

Ah, technology! Don’t you love it?

The duncanScore calculators were unavailable for more than a month. The result of a collision between the website platform making changes and the backup software not backing up the specialized key files. And then the web database techie being unavailable.

Hopefully that’s all in the past.

We’re up and running again*, and new back up facilities are in place.

  • * well, it turns out the calculator is not working for 3000M. We’re on it and hope to have it fixed shortly. THE 3000M CALCULATOR IS NOW WORKING

And coming next week we will be previewing a new feature for the duncanScore, part of duncanScore 2.0. So stay tuned!

Many of you across the globe have been doing virtual races and Time Trials. So check out how you measure up against your peers. While your virtual TT may have been on the road, the track calculators in the duncanscore will still give you an excellent read on your fitness versus your age-group. Find out how your performance compares with your age peers.

You can do that here:

Track DE

So keep on running, jumping, and throwing. Nothing will stop us!

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