In Case You Missed Them

  • – photo courtesy of Doug Shaggy Smith –

Time passes quite quickly, and we all have so much on the go. It’s easy to forget some of the many things we have read.

As well, there are new readers/viewers of the duncanScore and the blog, so I thought I’d list below some of the more popular blog posts. They also highlight some of the differences in the duncanScore vs age grading.

A WC Medal or Final Maybe? What It Takes – the Sprints

The Aging Athlete (8) – Which Leaves First … Speed or Endurance?

The Karla Konundrum

This final entry reminds me the followup work on this post is unfinished. The analysis is not done. It’s something I want to do, and will do. I promise.

The Sprinter’s Dilemma (1)

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