Some Upcoming Changes

Yes, there will be some changes coming up on duncanSCORE. Soon!

I am afraid that in order to continue with my explorations of the world of Masters track and field performances, I am going to have to charge a small fee to access the duncanSCORE calculator (you know the thing that calculates your “standard score” and tells you how you rate within your age group in your event.)

I know I am biased (it is “my system” after all), but I believe the duncanSCORE is a much better evaluation method than age-grading. See here for some of the reasons and a bit of background.

And there are some planned improvements which I’ll tell you about below.

Behind the scenes, I have been spending a lot of time on this “hobby” and not a few dollars as well.  I’m not competent enough in many of the things it takes to move this whole project forward … the technical web skills for example, and some of the statistical necessities that come in to play. So I need to purchase those things I don’t bring to the table.

What I do have is some “vision” of where this might lead, some decent database skills, and an analytical bent with 40 years of analytical work experience. I am also extremely curious about the aging affects in our chosen sport, and results and analysis of aging in Athletics from large samples is largely unknown, I believe.

Here are some of the planned and “hoped for” improvements that are coming.

1) The very first addition you will see is a calculator that equates your performance in your event in your 5-year age group to the equivalent Elite/Open performance.   This equivalent Elite/Open performance will be based upon the IAAF “All Time” performance lists. I call this calculator the Juven_Ator. Conceptually, it is similar to the age grading result you can get from the WMA Age-grading calculator 2006/2010. (I don’t buy into the “concept” that this is the performance you could have done in your 20s … that’s very probably not the case. There are very few of us who competed as “international elites” when we were that age.) But at the same time, compared to the general population, we are indeed “elite” in our age-group and event, and the Juven_Ator calculations provide the “OPEN” equivalent international all-time performance to your age-group/event result.) While the “Open” results from Age Grading and the Juven_Ator  might be close, I can almost guarantee they will be different.

I don’t have a firm timeline when the Juven_Ator will be up and running online, but look for it over the next few weeks. My tests so far shows that it works quite well. I’m very excited about this.

2) Another improvement/addition will be a 3rd calculator to be used to compare one track performance with a performance in a different event e.g. what is the equivalent 1500m performance to my 800 time? or what 200m time do I have to run that is equally as good as my 100m performance? What Shot Put is as good as my Weight Throw? Time line for this to be determined.

3) I’m quite excited about another calculator to come. “The Avenir_Ator” is a bit of a predictor. It will tell you the equivalent performance in the future (5 years?) to today’s performance. What time or distance you need to do in 5 years to be just as good as today. Look for this in the new year.

Now let’s get to the key issue here! What is the cost for a subscription?. Well … not much. You can see the cost here. The subscription will be for 6 months and includes a 49.99% “Initiator’s” discount to reward you for trying it out and supporting this venture, and to compensate you for any “downtime” or issues that arise as I try to get this site into a more “professional” state. As well, where required by law, VAT or sales taxes will be applied.

Full access to Field events calculator (I’m still not completely happy with the way it works for the very best Field performances) and, of course,  the blog will still be free. A subscription will only be required to use the TRACK calculator. The subscriptions will start in the morning here in Eastern North America (approximately 1:00 pm GMT Greenwich Mean Time) on Monday July 8, 2019.

Thank you!



2 thoughts on “Some Upcoming Changes

  1. Thanks for providing this service. Much appreciated. Seems like you are doing a lot already but would love to see Duncan score for road races (5K) for example. I realize the times can vary widely by course but still would be of interest. Thanks again. !

    • That may happen one day. It is something I would like to do, but it’s a long way off. Gathering the required data is a huge undertaking. At the moment, it’s not even on the radar. But thanks for reading and for the input and feedback.

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