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In my last post I introduced the Juvenator and explained the narrow range of performances that define the very best of the World’s track athletes. Previously I outlined the methodology of creating this range (i.e. creating a perfect bell curve from World Athletics lists).

Let’s quickly review the Juvenator.

The Juvenator is NOT intended to estimate what your youthful performance (or potential performance) was or could have been. It is extremely unlikely that you would have ever been able to perform at the levels of the athletes included in the Juvenator bell curve.  For example in the 400m, the slowest point on the bell curve is 46.25. For women, the slowest performance is 53.50.

No, the concept is to say, for example, if you are a W60 400m runner, then you are one of the World’s elites in the 400m. Granted W60 400m sprinting is not as competitive as Open Women’s 400. That is a given.  But that is beside the point! You should think of yourself as an elite. Be proud of yourself and what you do. Think of all the training you put in. Certainly compared to all those “couch potatoes” you see in your daily life.

So when thinking of yourself as an elite, here is how your performance in your age group equates to the ultimate World Elite grouping. Relatively speaking, that’s how good you are!

Now for the 800m.

As with the 400m, the goal was to create a perfect bell curve with the 800m performances from World Athletics. The All Time list for Men goes as deep as 1:46.00, and for the Women to 2:02.00. To create a perfect curve we needed to add further performances. Best individual year performances from 2016-2019 from World Athletics were added up to 1:48.00 for Men and 2:08.00 for Women.

All the Masters Men’s WRs equivalize to 1:43.xx (except Johnny Gray’s astonishing M35 1:43.36 which registers a 1:42.82 equivalent). For the Women, Masters WRs are generally equal to 1:56-1:57 except for Yekatarina Podkopayeva’s W40 and W45 records which come in at 1:54 high and 1:55 low.

Because of its extremely competitive nature and narrowing of Elite performances into a bell curve, it takes a lot to move the needle at the Open/World Elite level.  Even a second or more improvement, depending on the age group, may not make a significant change in your Open/World Elite comparison.

With that background, I invite you to give it a try for your 800m performance. Click the link below and enter your Age Group. Select 800m from the drop down menu. Enter your time, then click the green “OK … Done … Go” button. You will receive your duncanSCORE and percentile. Now click the orange “Run JUVENATOR” button to the right. Remember, it’s not designed to estimate what you “did or could have” run. Rather it shows what an Elite would need to run to equal your time. One elite cohort compared to another. I looked at my 800s for the past few years. I can be happy with that!

Your Open/World Elite equivalent time.

Run Juvenator

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