For The Milers

You middle distance runners have been quite patient. I know many of you non-metric types are, really at heart, Milers, and the duncanSCORE has not provided calculations for your favourite event.

Your wait is over!

You can now see how your times relate to all others in your age-group in the outdoor Mile.

Your Miles raced may not have been at Iffey Road or Oslo’s Bislett Stadium, but I’m certain they have been highly memorable. The Mile seems to have that special magic that imprints the experience in your brain. So relive that experience by seeing just how well it relates to all other Milers in your age-group.

And while you’re at it, compare your Mile calculations with your 1500M score and percentile. How close are they?

Also added are calculations for the Outdoor 3000m. So be sure and check your performances in that event, too.

Just click here, choose your age-group, select the event, then add your time  …

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