duncanSCORE Pricing

Beginning MONDAY JULY 8th, 2019, to access the duncanSCORE calculator for TRACK events requires a duncanSCORE subscription.

Instructions and facility for payment will be available shortly.

This calculator gives you a performance score (1 to 999, 500 being average) and the percentile of your performance versus others in your age group across the world..

The calculation compares your performance to the best annual performances from 4 years (2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, sourced from mastersrankings.com) of Age Group athletes around the world who are competitive and reasonably trained and prepared for these Outdoor track events. You can see a more detailed description here

Initial subscriptions are for 6 months, and allow you to access the standard score calculator and receive “standard scores” and “percentiles” for ALL available standard Masters Athletics age groups (see list below) and all available OUTDOOR TRACK events (see list below).  A more detailed description of the duncanSCORE is here.

And don’t forget, the duncanSCORE isn’t only for your next race. Use it to track your progress (or not!) vs your past age groups. It’s a unique, unbiased, straightforward, and  extremely valid way of measuring how well you are maintaining against your peers.

Pricing (all prices are in US dollars)

Price for 6 months access $5.99

less INITIATOR’S* Discount (49.99%)  –  $3.00

Net Charge for 6 month’s access $3.00 (+ VAT or sales tax where required by law)

  • * Initiator’s discount is my way of saying thank you for trying out the duncanSCORE and laying out cash (even if it’s not a lot!) and supporting this alternative to age grading to see if there is any benefit to you. Remember you as an Initiator can access for 6 months ALL available events and ALL available age groups (show your friends how their performances stack up against their peers across the globe).
  • Prices are in US dollars. An APPROXIMATION in other currencies is shown here

Approximate Currency Conversion for US$ 3.00

GB PoundCdn $
Aus $ SA RandNZ $ CHFHK $JPN Yen
2.65 €
£2.38 $3.91 $4.26R 42.16 $4.46Fr. 2.95 $23.36¥322.87

Available OUTDOOR TRACK  events — 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m,  Men’s 3000m (Women’s available shortly), Steeplechase, Sprint Hurdles, Long Hurdles, 5000m, 10000m

Available Age Groups M35 – M95 and W35 – W95 (M35 refers to men aged 35-39 and M95 refers to men 95-99 and so on as per standard World Masters Athletics age groupings)

PLEASE NOTE due to small instances of performances, data ages older than M85 and W80 may not be available for all Events. Limited age group data for 400m (oldest Women W90), 800m (oldest Women W90), 1500m (oldest Women W90), 3000m (oldest Men M85, no Women’s), 5000m (oldest Women W85), 10000m (oldest Women W85), Steeplechase (oldest Men M90, oldest Women W80), Sprint Hurdles (oldest Men M90, oldest Women W80), Long Hurdles (oldest Men M90, oldest Women W80)

You can still access the available FIELD events (Shot Put, Weight Throw,  Long Jump, and High Jump) for free.

To access the FIELD events calculator click here

If you have any questions please leave your question and contact information below.