Use Your Phone or Tablet for Our Calculators

For those who were using a phone (particularly with Android) who wanted to use the duncanSCORE calculators, there was a problem. The drop down menus did not fit on the screen, so you were unable to enter your particulars.

This has  now (hopefully) been fixed. You should now be able to access all parts of the duncanSCORE website using your Android or Apple phone (or tablet). Get your duncanSCORE and percentile from anywhere!

One agenda item off the list.

Find out how you score against your age group in your event. You versus the World.

To get your duncanSCORE on your phone or tablet (or computer) for a TRACK event, click HERE.

To get your duncanSCORE on your phone or tablet (or computer) for these FIELD events (SHOT PUT, WEIGHT, LONG JUMP, HIGH JUMP), click HERE.

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Should you be new to the duncanSCORE and confused on what’s it’s all about … the standardized alternative to age grading … you can get more information here.

Welcome to the duncanSCORE!

Above photo courtesy John MacMillan


Welcome to the duncanSCORE website. We will soon be in beta testing, and you will have the ability  to have your outdoor Athletic (track and field) performance scored against everyone else in the world in your age group. So stay tuned!

If you are interested, have a look at An Alternative to Age Grading

The duncanSCORE is a newly developed statistical system to compare YOU to everyone else in the world in your event and age group. It will give you a “standard” score and a “percentile” which should help you understand just how good you really are, not against the theoretical World Record in your event, but compared to the best performances of everyone in your Age Group. You compared to everyone like you.


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