Hurdles, Steeplechase – Older Age Groups

  • – Photo Courtesy Doug Shaggy Smith –

I have always admired the courage/foolishness of those runners who feel the need to have obstacles inserted into their path. I love watching them thunder down the stretch to the finish line, with one more hurdle to go. The fire in their eyes, the determination to summon the strength to lift tired legs … to hold their form … just one more time.

In the continuation to make improvements to duncanSCORE, I have beefed up the number of performances included in the calculator for Sprint Hurdles, Long Hurdles, and the Steeplechase for older age groups.

Previously for other events, performances were added for M75, W75 and older. These extra race results came from Mastersrankings for the years 2017, 2018, and 2019, as well as its US rankings from 2008-2012 and available British rankings (the Power of 10) from 2008-2012. Added also were Martin Gasselsberger’s pre 2013 World rankings 2008-2012, and Dave Clingan’s World listings (1999-2002).

But for the Hurdles and Steeple, given their specialized nature and relatively fewer number of competitors, I have searched out more sources of valid performances not included in the above lists. These include the European Championships from 2004, and WMA Championships from 2003 and 2005. I also referenced several older European alltime “Top Lists”.

I have also added all these performance lists to W65 and W70 Hurdles and Steeplechase.


What does this mean? Changes?

What it means is that data sets have usually more than doubled (sometimes tripled). For Women 65+ and Men 75+ that means higher quality evaluations. The better performances (duncanSCORE scores of approximately 825+) could change by 1-3 percentiles, while slower performances will likely decline by somewhat more.

So all you Hurdlers and Chasers need to take a look!

Just click on the link and enter your age group, the event, and your performance time.

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