The Juvenator – 100m

In a previous post I introduced the Juvenator. and we have already seen it for the 400m and the 800m.

My thoughts on producing the Juvenator are perhaps a bit of a radical bent on how others might think of us as Athletics competitors. Sometimes we don’t feel we are elite enough.  But our size (ie there really aren’t that many of us compared to our numbers in the population at large) tell it all. We are indeed an elite, and should think of ourselves as such. Most of our age peers marvel at what we continue to do on the track,  throwing field, or jumping pit. Our performances speak for themselves.

So I’m very keen on the Juvenator. It allows us to compare ourselves to the “equivalent performance” of the absolute very best in their age prime.

Let me remind you about the Juvenator.   The Juvenator is NOT intended to estimate what your youthful performance (or potential performance) was or could have been. The Juvenator uses the very best performances from World Athletics (formerly IAAF)  It is extremely unlikely that you would have ever been able to perform at the levels of the athletes included in the Juvenator bell curve.

The 100M

Let’s now get to the 100m!

The absolute fastest people on the planet, and a field deep in participants. World Athletics records performances for Men up to and including 11.00, and for Women up to and including 11.58. I have taken these lists (Alltime Electronic bests + yearly performances 2013-2019) to create a bell curve for each of Men and Women. The Men’s bell curve consists of best annual performances from 9.58-10.05 and The Women’s from 10.49-11.01. These are the performance definitions of the Super Elite for the 100m.

With that background, I invite you to give it a try for your 100m performance. Click the link below and enter your Age Group. Select 100M from the drop down menu. Enter your time, then click the green “OK … Done … Go” button. You will receive your duncanSCORE and percentile. Now click the orange “Run JUVENATOR” button to the right. Remember, it’s not designed to estimate what you “did or could have” run. Rather it shows what a Super Elite would need to run to equal your time. One elite cohort compared to another.

Have fun!

Your Open/World Elite 100M equivalent time.

Run Juvenator

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