Take Me to …

Ok … I’m interested … let me see the duncanSCORE in action!

Please note, we are only in “beta” testing, so everything is still not complete. We invite your questions and comments to help us refine the concept and implementation.

Note that in the TRACK events, though listed, there is NO data for the mile and 3000m. For FIELD events, there is NO data for POLE VAULT, TRIPLE JUMP, JAVELIN, DISCUS, and HAMMER. It is hoped that these events will be included over the next 2 months.

Now, calculate the duncanSCORE for a TRACK or FIELD performance  Click to calculate


An update to the site removed key code for our calculators and the “supposed” backups did not cover that code. We are working to restore everything within the next day or so. \We apologize and hope you will check back over the next few days.